The three foundational identities and purposes of this blog was birthed from a life-changing revelation of the scripture John 1:14.

1.The Good News of the Gospel: God’s supernatural, divine word was manifested into flesh as his son and our saviour, Jesus Christ, who died to save us from our sins. This powerful conversion of what was said in heaven to what was experienced on earth opened the gates of salvation and redemption to his children. In the same way, it is my heart’s desire to manifest the powerful word of God into a practical application for humanity, so that we may accept God’s love and walk through the gates of salvation that have been graciously opened unto us.

2.God’s word did not only become flesh but dwelt among us. God’s word was not meant to be defined by a moment. Jesus established a lifestyle of loving, healing, teaching and delivering so that mankind could behold the glory, grace and truth of God. God’s word is therefore established through lifestyle. It was meant to “dwell.” It was meant to inhabitate, take up space, overcome. It is permanent. Therefore, as I serve, my prayer is that these teachings will inhabitate, take up space, and overcome. They will go beyond the glorious high of a Sunday sermon or the potent presence of worship lyrics and resonate daily in our hearts in very practical ways. They will establish a lifestyle in us of loving, healing, teaching and delivering so that mankind (saved and unsaved) would come to see God’s glory in all its splendor.

3. Jesus was God’s word in the flesh. Jesus was God’s word embodied by a man. The Bible calls us the children of God, the emerging brethren of Christ and declares that we have the SAME spirit that existed within him. And so, we are also God’s word in the flesh; we are the embodiment of all that he has said. Therefore, in order to know our identity- what he calls us, what he requires of us, how he feels about us etc.- we must know his word. We owe it to ourselves to get the maker’s perspective on his creation so that we can live in the abundance for which we were created.

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