“Ethiopian” here makes reference to the Cushite people. The Cushites are from the African nation of Cush on the southern border of ancient Egypt. They were characteristically born with a darker complexion. It was part of who they are as a people. In the same way, a leopard is born with its spots. It is a natural aspect of its appearance. Neither the Ethiopians nor the leopard can change their appearance. It is part of their innate traits or nature.

It is the same with us. Man is born in sin and shaped in iniquity. It is part of who we are and cannot be easily changed. This is why we desperately need salvation, mercy and grace. We are incapable of being good or perfect. Many times, people say I don’t need God or religion. I can just be a good person. However, we must ask ourselves, are we truly good? What does it take to be good? How many times have you done things you regretted or said things you wish you could take back? How many times have you intentionally and unintentionally hurt others? How many times have you judge others wrongfully or allow your thoughts to lead you astray? Exactly. We do not have what it takes to be good. We are innately flawed.

Therefore, accepting salvation through Jesus Christ means accepting that you need saving. Accepting that you need saving means accepting that you are not self-sufficient and cannot be perfect. Accepting that you are not perfect means being humble. In short, accepting salvation requires humility. Your faith in God is a humble declaration that you are not perfect or good which is why you depend on the one who is.

Accepting your imperfection is not an excuse to remain in stagnation though. Everyday you have renewed grace and mercy to try again and again to get it right. You have Jesus Christ to intercede for you when you don’t get it right. You have the Holy Spirit to guide, correct, empower and show you how to get it right. Most importantly, you have God to love you through every right and wrong.

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